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{newsletter} > Activities > Kolesarska pot Bicikl-land

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Kolesarska pot Bicikl-land


Starting point: Vuzenica

  • Path length :
    69.0 km
  • Time:
  • Difficulty:
  • Ground:
    Asphalt, Macadam, Forest path, Cart track

Description of path

1. starting checkpoint - Vuzenica, 340m above sea level. The route begins here. The checkpoint is located at the Karničnik restaurant, and nearby you can see the church of St. Nicholas. From the first checkpoint in Vuzenica, take the narrow asphalt street to the first intersection (340 m above sea level; 0,35 km), where you should turn right past the stadium. Then, head along the main road, which turns left onto a bridge over the river Drava. (335 m above sea level; 0,47 km). The road slopes upward slightly to the intersection with the Dravograd-Maribor main road (335 m; 0,47 km). Turn right and follow the main road to Spodnja Muta, where you should cross the bridge at the crossroads (345 m; 2,05 km) and turn left toward the village. Checkpoint no.2 - Spodnja Muta, 345 m above sea level and 66,5 kilometers to go. The stamp is located in the restaurant Lipa. In the village, you can also visit the church of St. John. Continue through the village, turn right in the square (340 m; 2,42 km) and begin ascending slowly. Cycle along the main road past the apartment buildings and Kovačija Muta (the Muta smithy), where the road begins a moderate ascent through a forest. Once you reach the end of the asphalt road (380 m; 3,28 km), proceed along level land into a forest and begin ascending again. Head past the farm and turn right at the junction (470 m; 4,39 km). Pass by the Gumpat farm, straight across the courtyard, and down a light slope. The road levels out briefly, then turns left up an incline (530 m; 6,98 km). After a moderate ascent through the grassy fields, you should reach the Muta - Sv. Primož road (670 m; 8,36 km). Here, turn left, and after a short ascent you should reach a sign for Poltnik (690 m; 8,74 km). Cycle toward the left down a well-used road. After you reach a beautiful lookout point (820 m; 10 km), descend to the next checkpoint. Checkpoint no.3 - Sv. Primož nad Muto. 810 meters above sea level and 58 kilometers until the end of your journey. The stamp can be found at the nearby Mežner farm. You can also visit the well-known church of St. Primus. After about 50 meters of asphalt, turn left and descend slowly. At the intersection with the road heading toward the Naglič farm (775 m; 13,33 km), take the left gravel road and proceed to the Sv. Jernej - Bistriški Jarek - Sv. Primož junction (710 m; 15,71 km), where you should turn right up a slope. You should eventually reach the sign by the Erat farm and take a sharp left at the crossroads (820 m; 17,75 km), going uphill. This road will take you to the next checkpoint. Checkpoint no.4 - Sv. Jernej nad Muto, 1020 meters above sea level and 48 kilometers away from your final destination. The stamp can be found at the Primož (Nanta) farm. As always, there is a church nearby: the church of St. Jernej. Turn right across the grassy field toward the forest, where you will find a sign (1020 m; 21,04 km). Once you reach the forest, begin a moderately difficult short descent that should bring you to a sign saying »državna meja« (»country border«) (1005 m; 21,23 km). Continue right along a level forest road and cross the border (1000 m; 21,47 km). Head past the chapel and turn left along the grasslands, beginning a 50-meter ascent. Once you reach asphalt (1010 m; 21,59 km), turn left onto the road. At the intersection with the main road (920 m; 27,9 km), turn left and cross the bridge. From here, the road constantly ascends and descends. When you reach the crossroads with the road to Soboth (1055 m; 34,55 km), turn left toward the town and the next checkpoint. Checkpoint no.5 - the town of Soboth, 1050 meters above sea level, 34 kilometers to go. The stamp can be found at the Mosser restaurant. The local attractions are the Jakobihaus exhibition area and the church of St. Jacob. Cycle through the town and you should return to the main road (1060 m; 35,93 km) after a short ascent. After a short descent, cross the bridge, head uphill a little, and descend yet again to the Golica dam (1070 m; 39,9 km). Checkpoint no. 6 - Golica dam (1070 m; 34 km). The stamp can be found at the Mosser restaurant. The local attractions are the Jakobihaus exhibition area and the church of St. Jacob. Take the road across the dam and up the slope. At the intersection (1140 m; 40,79 km), turn left toward Laken. Soon, you should reach the end of the asphalt road (1130 m; 41,04 km) and descend to a junction where you should head straight (1090 m; 41,52 km). The road constantly descends and you should stay on the main road until you reach an intersection (965 m; 48,32) where the road turns uphill in the direction of Pernica. Here, turn right and you should soon reach the border (960 m; 48,5 km). Then, descend to the Herman farm (935 m; 48,93 km). Checkpoint no. 7 - the town of Pernice, 935 meters above sea level, 20 kilometers to go. The stamp is found at the Herman farm. Nearby, you can also see the Herman chapel. From the chapel, begin an easy descent, heading straight through several intersections until you reach a signpost for Bistriški jarek-border crossing-Pernice (800m; 53,08 km), take a sharp left down a steep descending road. At the next intersection (740 m; 54,20) with another sign, turn left again. Once you reach the asphalt road in Bistriški jarek (460 m; 58,77 km), you will be able to see an old military watchtower. The asphalt road leads through the valley and along the stream to the next checkpoint. Checkpoint no. 8 - Ecological chapel. 425 meters above sea level and 8,5 kilometers to go. The stamp can be found at the Banik primary school. Here, you can visit the Sedelnik waterfall. Pass through Bistriški Jarek. At the end of the town, the route turns right over a bridge and then heads uphill. At the top of the incline (395 m; 65,05 km), cycle straight through the intersection onto a macadamized road and along it to the forest, where you should find another sign (390 m; 65,51 km). There, turn right and you will reach the next sig (390 m; 65,68 km). The road winds past a forest and grassy fields until it reaches another sign (385 m; 66,28 km). There, turn right toward the main road, where the next checkpoint is located. Checkpoint no. 9 - Caravaning. 385 meters above sea level and 2,72 kilometers until the end of the line. The stamp can be found in the Lovec restaurant, and the closest attraction is the Roman road. Turn left onto the main road. After a stretch of flat road, it is time for your last major descent. At the bottom (370 m; 67,75 km), turn right at the crossroads in the direction of Vuzenica. After a brief descent, cross the bridge and turn right just beyond the bus station (340 m; 68,17 km). Continue straight along a lightly sloping road until you reach the road for Primož na Pohorju (335 m; 68,57 km). At this intersection, turn left and go through the underpass. At the next junction (335 m; 68,81 km) turn left off the main road and you should soon come to the church where you started (340 m; 69 km).


The author of these pages takes no responsibility for the described cycle routes or for the accuracy of the data. We have presented the cycle routes to the best of our ability, but the cyclist and the maintainer of the route are ultimately responsible for the safety of the trip.