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Starting point: Trebnje

  • Path length :
    47.2 km
  • Time:
  • Difficulty:
  • Ground:
    Asphalt, Macadam

Description of path

Starting in front of the church in Trebnje, head in the direction of Mirna. Turn right toward Mirna Peč. You will arrive in Dolenja Nemška vas, where you should turn right by the store and proceed in the direction of Poljane. Continue past the school and straight on through the village Jezero. At the intersection in Dolenja Dobrava, turn to the right onto the main road. After reaching the top of the incline above the parking lot, descend to Poljane, where you should turn left at the intersection. Continue through the forest to the next intersection at the top of a slope, then descend down the main road into the valley until you reach Ornuška vas. At the intersection by the fire station, continue forward toward Mirna vas (in the direction of Šmarjeta. Then, take the main road through the village of Štatenberk, continuing straight through the intersection along the main asphalt road, then turn left onto a paved road. After about 600m, turn left again, then right in the direction of Cikava. After a few dozen meters on the asphalt road, turn right again. After a kilometer ride, turn left. Ascend Blečji Vrh and, after descending, turn left onto the main road. Ride through Drečji Vrh until you reach the road to Trebelna, where you should turn left, past the church of St. Peter (charnel house). When you reach Trebelna, turn right toward Zabukovje (you should see a signpost for it). Head straight through Dolenje Zabukovje, and straight through the following two intersections. About 200m after the last intersection, the road becomes paved. Then, turn right toward the valley at the next crossroads, in the direction of Debenec (there is a signpost on a tree on the right, but it is difficult to see) and right again toward the hut on Debenec. Turn right, cycle for about 300 meters, then turn left, downhill. This should lead you back to the road you ascended Debenec by. Then, turn right. You should reach an asphalt road after about a kilometer ride. From here, the route begins to descend. Head straight through the intersection toward Gradišče, then turn left toward Trebnje at the next intersection. Proceed through Gradišče past the vineyard cottages. At the crossroads in the valley, turn left. When you reach Rodine, immediately turn right onto a paved road, through the forest, and right again. Here, you can see the chapel in Lanšprež. After about two kilometers of riding along a paved road, you will reach asphalt. At the crossroads at Gomila, turn left toward Trebnje, along the main road past the village of Dol. Your journey ends in Trebnje.

1 Trebnje Gallery of naive art 2 Trebnje castle (home to Friderik Baraga in the years 1799 and 1812) 3 parish church of St. Mary Assumption in Trebnje 36 parish church of St. Anthony of Padova at Blečji Vrh 37 parish church of St. Peter in Gorenji Mokronog 38 St. Michael chapel and charnel house in Gorenji Mokronog 32 Peter Pavel Glavar chapel in Lanšprež 39 hiking paths to Debenec 40 Gradišče vineyards 42 parish church of St. Tilen in Mokronog


The author of these pages takes no responsibility for the described cycle routes or for the accuracy of the data. We have presented the cycle routes to the best of our ability, but the cyclist and the maintainer of the route are ultimately responsible for the safety of the trip.