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{newsletter} > Activities > Kamnik - Velenje - Zidani most

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Kamnik - Velenje - Zidani most


Starting point: Lesce

  • Path length :
    284.0 km
  • Time:
  • Difficulty:
  • Ground:
    Asphalt, Macadam

Description of path

From Lesce, cycle through Radovljica, Podvin, Mošnje, Posavec and Naklo to Polica. At the traffic light, turn left and continue through Kokrica past the Brdo castle to Britof. At the traffic light, turn left in the direction of Jezersko. In Visoko, turn right toward Cerklje. Once you reach the end of Cerklje, turn left toward Zalog and then to Komenda. There, turn left at the beginning and follow the major road to Križ. You'll reach the main road, where you should turn left to Kamnik. Pass straight through the old part of the city, through Mekinje and over the Črnivec pass (the highest part of the route – 902m) to Gornji grad. Turn right just before the gas station in the direction of Nazarje. After crossing the Savinja, turn right and right again at the roundabout in Mozirje. Follow the main road until you reach the road to Šoštanj. Turn left there. After a short ascent, descend to Gorenje, where you should go straight along the main road. At the major intersection, turn left onto the road toward Šoštanj where the height limit is 3.3 meters. Cycle through Šoštanj and past the thermal power plant to Velenje. Follow the main road until you see the ski jump on the right. Turn right, return along the parallel side road and ascend to the castle. After descending from the castle, turn left at the first intersection. The descent continues to the main road, where you should turn right. Follow the main road to the crossroads with the road to Arnače, where you should turn left. At this crossroads, there are signposts for Polzela (9 km) and for Velenje (3 km), but there is only a signpost for a tree farm in the direction of Arnače. Take this road to an intersection where the road on the right leads to Ponikva (2 km). Turn left in the direction of Vodosteče and turn right once you reach the main road. After crossing the freeway, turn right toward Arja vas. Continue straight through Petrovči and cross the Savinja river. When a road branches off toward Sp. Brnica, turn left. This road has a 2-kilometer stretch of macadam and leads toward Celje. Continue along the main road through Laško to Zidani most. There, turn right onto a narrow road leading past the railroad station toward Hrastnik. In Hrastnik, cross the Sava river and follow the main road past Trbovlje and Zagorje to the intersection after the Sava river. Turn right across a narrow bridge, then cycle left along the railroad tracks to Litija. Take the main road to Kresnice and cross the Sava river on the left. Follow the side road to Laze, then turn right and cross the Sava. At Dolsko, turn left and take the side road through the village to Šentjakob. Continue along the side road to the bus station, then turn left onto a side road through Črnuče. After crossing the Sava, turn right. In Tacen, cross the Sava again and turn left immediately. Follow the main road straight through Smlednik to Kranj. Go through the old part of Kranj, past the bus station. Once you reach Polica, return back to the starting point.

Lesce - Gornji Grad - Velenje - Laško - Zidani Most

The author of these pages takes no responsibility for the described cycle routes or for the accuracy of the data. We have presented the cycle routes to the best of our ability, but the cyclist and the maintainer of the route are ultimately responsible for the safety of the trip.