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Restaurant Pri lešniku, Dupleška cesta 49, 2000 Maribor

Restaurant Pri lešniku

Dupleška cesta 49, 2000 Maribor (Reaching us?)

Restaurant Pri lešniku Maribor offers you the following home and international cuisine. Restaurant Pri lešniku Maribor is managed already by the fourth generation ...

Restaurant Kačar, Karantanska ulica 26 , 2000 Maribor

Restaurant Kačar

Karantanska ulica 26 , 2000 Maribor (Reaching us?)

Restaurant Kačar Maribor offers rental of our restaurant for different events, such as wedings, birthday parties and other celebrations, group gatherings,… At your ...

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Bohinj Cowboys 2 nights

We all know cowboys from various American movies. They are in other words animal herders who tend cattle. We also have cowboys in Slovenia but...

Mountain Carps 2 nightsMountain Carps 2 nights

On August 26th, 1778, Triglav was conquered for the first time – 8 years before Mont Blanc, 22 years before Grossglockner was established. And how does this relate to our tour?

<b>Cuisine and wine</b>Cuisine and wine

Explore the variety and delight of Slovenian cuisine and admire the amazing quality of Slovenian wines.

Ljubljana: Ljubljena/The belovedLjubljana: Ljubljena/The beloved

Ljubljana is a city with a youthful soul. Get inspired by the amazing adventures of a nice young couple exploring Ljubljana in a rather unusual way.