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punto di partenza: : Ptuj

  • lunghezza:
    58.0 km
  • tempo:
  • difficolta:
  • fondo:

Descrizione della strada

Start in front of the Perutnina Ptuj cycling club and head past the Poetovio hotel on Osojnikova ulica in the direction of Lenart. In the village of Janežovci, turn left off the main road and you should find yourself in the valley of the Rogoznica stream. During the relaxing ride over flat terrain you will have plenty of time to admire the surrounding landscape. In Rogoznica, ascend up a two-kilometer slope to 372 meters above sea level, followed by a steep, winding and downright dangerous descent down a narrow road. You can take a break at the top of the slope, as you can find a lookout tower and a General Rudolf Maister memorial directly nearby, in Zavrh. When you finally descend and come to the intersection where the road continues right toward Lenart, turn to the right toward Sp. Voličina instead. There, you will find the church of St. Rupert, which can be seen from far away. You are now in the valley of the Pesnica river and should soon reach Lenart. You may be forced to stop at a traffic light. If this occurs, take a look to the left to see the magnificent church of St. Leonard, which is even more impressive on the inside. When you have had enough of admiring the church, turn right at the intersection and, after about a kilometer of trying to avoid cars on the highway, turn right in order to return to the peaceful countryside of Slovenske gorice. You can probably already see your next destination - the church of the Holy Trinity. Nearby you will also find the Trojica lake, where you may freely stop and go for a swim. Descend from the top of the town by turning left next to the school playground. The next few kilometers are probably the most beautiful part of the route, despite the fact that there is really nothing »special« to see. When you get to the main road, turn left and prepare to ascend Cerkvenjak, just in front of you. There, you can visit the church of St. Anthony, visit the restaurant Pri Antonu... Or, if you do not really want to go to the very top, you can turn right toward Vitomarci. The ride along the ridge is interesting because of the wondrous view. If you missed the opportunity to refresh yourself, you may make up for it a few kilometers down the road at the Druzovič tourist farm in Drbetinci. Your next stop on the route will be the church of St. Andrew in Trnovska vas. There, nature enthusiasts should turn right toward Lenart and, after a kilometer, visit the grey heron nesting area near Biš. By the stream, you can also see the rare checkered lily plant. From Trnovska vas, you can continue over either Bišečki Vrh or Trnovski Vrh to Strmec pri Destrniku (from 230 to 362 meters above sea level). From there, ride along the ride through Vintarovci to Destrnik, where you can see the church of St. Urban. After descending through Janežovski Vrh, turn right toward Ptuj. When you arrive in Janežovci, all that is left to do is to return to Ptuj.

The church of Leopold Mandič in Nova vas pri Ptuju is the newest church in the area. Built only a few years ago, it is truly something special. In Sp. Voličina stands the church of St. Rupert, which once used to be only a small 11th century chapel.

The church of St. Leonard in Lenart was first mentioned in 1196. It obtained its gothic appearance in the early 16th century and is considered to be one of the most beautiful Slovenian buildings from the late gothic period. Above the Trojica lake, you can see the church of the Holy Trinity, built only a decade after a wooden chapel had been constructed on the same spot in 1631. The Augistinians obtained the church in the same century and added a monastery to it. Its rich interior is probably the reason why the church became a well-known destination for pilgrims near the end of the 17th century. The church of St. Anthony in Cerkvenjak was built in the late gothic style between the years 1516 and 1546, while the town of Vitomarce is known for the church of St. Andrew, which was built in 1513 and had a bell tower added to it sixteen years later. The church of St. Urban on Destrniku is also built in the late gothic style. It was constructed in 1518 and rebuilt several times, last in 1888. The grey heron nesting areas in Biš and the checkered lilies (also called the Snakes Head Fritillary, or Fritillaria meleagris) by Črmlja in Biš are specially marked, so you should have little trouble finding them.


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