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punto di partenza: : Ptuj

  • lunghezza:
    48.0 km
  • tempo:
  • difficolta:
  • fondo:

Descrizione della strada

Beginning in Ptuj, cycle along the lake through Spuhlja, Zabovce and Markovce until you reach the dam.. Continue on your way through Stojnce (crossing the Ptuj-Varaždin road) toward Muretinci, through Mala vas, Gajevci and Placerovci, then cross the Drava river just behind the Formin hydroelectric power plant.

While you are cycling toward Gorišnica, you will be able to see the church of St. Margaret. In Gorišnica, cross the Ptuj-Ormož highway. Once you reach Zamušani, you will slowly begin leaving the Ptuj plain and entering the hilly terrain of Slovenske gorice. In Podgorci, you may visit the church of St. Leonard.

Shortcut : The less fit among you may choose to turn left at the intersection in Podgorci, thus shortening the route by five kilometers. This road will take you along the valley, through the villages of Bresnica and Lasigovci. After ascending to Polenšak, you may rest at the Šegula inn or visit the church of St. Mary. Those of you planning to complete the entire route should go straight at the intersection in Podgorci and turn left in Sodinci. Continue through Vičanci and Sejanci to Savci, where you will find a pond. Besides providing a good spot for a picnic, the area around the pond is a favorite among local fishermen, hikers and cyclers. Proceed to Polenšak. If your companions chose to take the shortcut, they are probably waiting for you in the Šegula inn near the church. The difficult part of the route is behind you. For now, descend the road snaking down to Hlaponci. After crossing the Pesnica river, you are once again on the Ptuj plain. In Dornava, the heart of Lükarija, to be precise. From Dornava, head for Ptuj and, after crossing the railroad tracks, turn left to Spuhlja at the first intersection. There, we recommend riding on the sidewalk until the first crossroads, where you should turn right to Brstje. In the middle of the town is an intersection where you should head left and then right at the next junction. Continue past the Ristovec mansion toward Budina, where you should use the cycling path along Ormoška cesta.

The Markovci area is known as the centre of the Kurentovanje carnival. During the time of the carnival, expect the surrounding villages to be rather lively.

The mansion in Muretinci was built in 1542 and obtained its present form in 1632, when a chapel was built by the new owners, the Teutonic knights of Velika Nedelja.

While bicycling, you may notice the famous Borl castle on the hillside of Haloze. Built in the 13th century, it is probably the mightiest castle in Slovenia, having walls with a thickness of up to twelve meters.

In the town of Formin, you cannot miss the hydroelectric power plant, eighth and last hydro plant on the Drava in Slovenia.

The church of St. Margaret in Gorišnica was built in 1391, and it was rebuilt and enlarged in 1854. Previously, a pagan temple is believed to have stood on the site of the church.

In Podgorci stands the church of St. Leonard, built in 1519 in a gothic style. The pillar-shaped marking beyond the town was made in 1644. The massive church of St. Mary (built in the early 17th century) atop Polenšak, also known as »the white church« is often visited by sick and disabled pilgrims.

The last attraction by the route is the Dornava mansion, known as the most important non-religious building made in the late baroque style in Slovenia. Since its construction in 1435, it changed owners several times. During the last decade, it served as an asylum. Now, it is being renovated. It is possible to visit the mansion and its surrounding area with a local guide.


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